WSHH iCandy Live In Mexico: Feat. Erica Mena Of Love & Hip Hop, Vivian Kindle Of MTV's Wild'N'Out, Avi Berri & Adriana Velez [Trailer]
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Erica Mena, Vivian Kindle, Avi Berri & Adriana Velez traveled to Mexico for an exclusive video shoot with WSHH. Check back for their debut feature coming soon.
Erica Mena's Instagram: iamerica_mena
Vivian Kindle's Instagram: Viviankindle
Adriana Velez's Instagram: Adrianafvelez
Avi Berri's Instagram: Avi__berri
Music: Trey Songz - Na Na
Directed By Gabriel Hart aka Video God
Executive Produced By: QWORLDSTAR
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